Current Exhibition



27 October – 23 November 2017
Charles Pickworth and Simon Kramer

Charles Pickworth was born in Dunedin, New Zealand, and brought up in Central Otago, and later in Oamaru. He contracted polio at the age of four and lost the use of one arm. In addition Charles suffers from asthma and has worked at a variety of jobs. Through his thirty-five years of painting Charles has come to realise that this is what he wants to do most of all. He is a self-taught artist and paints full time.

Charles prefers painting plein-air and travels frequently searching out new subjects, specialising nowadays in South Island scenes. He paints mostly in oils, occasionally in acrylics, and has the knack of capturing the mood and wonderful range of colours in South Island scenery. He has a bright and enthusiastic nature and enjoys sharing his love of painting with established and budding artists.

Simon Kramer is a professional artist who started painting in 1985. He is a veteran of outdoor painting and has painted hundreds of locations in the New Zealand countryside. Simon is proficient in any painting medium and produces works for sale in oils, watercolour, and acrylics. He also runs a boutique framing business and also lectures on art through classes and workshops.

About his own work, Simon says: “As an outdoor artist I see the beauty of God’s creation and realise anything I do is inspired by his ideas. He is the original artist, and my inspiration. I know the value he has placed in every one of us, and believe the human spirit is the only sacred thing on earth today. I find our influence on nature and each other fascinating, and sometimes heartbreaking. I have included some of our everyday endeavours in this body of work. I hope it inspires you to believe in the good of people and consider God’s ideas as he intended them.”

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