If you are interested in becoming a committee member please join us or email for further details


Chairperson:    Philip Baldwin

Secretary:         Lana Coles

Treasurer:        Alastair Nicol


Kirsty Peel

Meg Morten

Terri Elder

Paul Rosanowski

Carol van Leeuwen

Judith Pascoe

There are also three sub-committees: Gallery, Artweek and Performing Arts. Chairs of each committee are: Meg Morten (Gallery Committee), Melissa Jebson (Performing Arts Committee), and Terri Elder (Artweek Committee).

We are fortunate that many committee members return year after year to continue working with MCAC, but we always welcome new faces and fresh input. If you would like to attend any of the committee meetings, become a volunteer, or participate in the running of MCAC, we would encourage you to contact the chairs of any of the committees, or contact the Gallery administrator: Rose Gerard:

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